KV Bavarian

Our Bavarian-style Oompah band


With thigh slapping tunes and audience participation interspersed with regular drinking toasts,
KVBavarianBrass brings fun, laughter and merriment to any occasion.

Book us for your party, function, beer festival, wedding reception or Oktoberfest.


Oom-pah, Oompah or Umpapa is the rhythmical sound of a deep brass instrument in a band, a form of background ostinato.
The oom-pah sound is usually made by the tuba alternating between the root (tonic) of the chord and the 5th (dominant) — this sound is said to be the oom. The pah is played on the off-beats by higher-pitched instruments such as the trumpets, horns or trombone. Oompah is often associated with Volkstümliche Musik, a form of popular German music, and with polka. In triple time genres such as the waltz it is oom-pah-pah

We play a range of traditional Oktoberfest music, mixed up with classic pop songs,

- Ein Prosit
- Rosamunde / Beer Barrel Polka
- In Munchen
- Tritsch Tratsch Polka
- The Can-Can
- Delilah
- Is This The Way To Amarillo

…and many more – all in our fabulous Oompah-band style!